Bohica at The Hob, Staines

Dream-pop Guildford rockers Bohica played the Hob last night. What a powerful and exciting band! Incorporating funk and reggae beats, irregular stop-start song structures and heavy anthemic riffs, this lively and energetic act is hard not to like. Add to the mix a wild dervish of drums- plenty of breakdowns, shimmers and solid clangs- some grungy, often doom-laden, nu-metal vocals (think ill Nino or Mudvayne) and the tension and depths of guitarwork as-near-as-damn-it to perfection and you are close to capturing the energy, soul and bravura of this young band.

Fully integrating stylistic elements from post-punk through to hardcore and even soul, Eng Wei Chua on Guitar, brings the notions of lead guitar and rhythm guitar into one unholy wedlock. (Think art-punk heroes ‘Television’ circa 1970’s or UK post-punk’Gang of Four’.) Yes, there may be invisible layers of texture and emotion in there somewhere but this band plays with more chutzpah than a full assault squadron of SAS troopers in a tight spot near Helmand.

After spending the past few years finalising the line up, gigging and writing, the band have recently upped the ante and released two discs and a single ( This band has the ability to finish the task and to get things done… watch them live large and live free…they will achieve the dream!

Catch them next at The Plantation, Guildford on Dec 14 2007 or watch this space to see them again at the Hob.

You can download their single free at or check their space at

Bend over, here it comes again….

James Burns – Vocals
Eng Wei Chua – Guitar
Christian Inglis – Bass
Nathaniel Renouf – Drums


2 thoughts on “Bohica at The Hob, Staines”

  1. Thanks to everyone who came down to see us! It was a lively Sunday night and we’ll look forward to catching you at the next gig!


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