The Getaway Team

The Getaway Team

Pop-Punk meets British indie?

The Getaway team are five best mates who want to make music and have the time of their lives!

Tom Greenwood: Vocals
Henry Eastham: Guitar / Vocals
Simon Brown: Bass / Vocals
John Young: Guitar / Vocals
Alun Chambers: Drums

The band started writing together around the middle of 2006 and they found they had a knack for making catchy Pop-Punk songs with the attitude of British indie.

In the last few months they have started to put together an exciting, adrenaline-fueled live show.

Henry (who looks like Tom Fletcher from McFly) and the the others are pleasing on the eye. Clad in black and not looking back, they hit the ground running, when I saw them at The Hob (Staines) on a cold Sunday in October.

Their soulful tunes and melodic lyrics laced ‘over the top’ of guitar-based sounds were instantly poppy and catchy without being formulaic. In other words, you get the impression that this band can bash out a tune but they will never sell out.

The band may be all indy brit-rock like The Kooks but they sing a sincere brand of tuneful almost folksy ballads (think Peter Buck or even Nick Drake) oozing with charm and as nostalgic as a Sunday afternoon spent in a damp pub beer garden. The harmonies are reminiscent of The Pixies- high ‘melodica’ and yet abrasive enough to rub the skin from your shins. But don’t overlook the constant plucky guitar-work of the twin guitarists- especially the fretwork of young John Young who tends to shelter at the back but is ably supported by choppy high-energy riffs from Henry.

Frontman Tom Greenwood swaggers and pouts and puts on a solid and polished performance. The team percussion, pounded out by Alun Chambers on drums, is not only essential but undiluted and powerful.

If you’ve got a million dreams stuck in your head
Go and see this team live before you’re dead…

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2 thoughts on “The Getaway Team”

  1. Hey.. glad you’re enjoying the local scene

    I and my friend run the nights at the hob in staines, and its great to see you’ve started picking up on it in such a pro-active weblike way

    Next time you’re at the hob, make yourself known at the bar yeah

    Tomorrow night will be the first BOB organised thursday, with a set from FOULPLAY and on Sunday we have the local Beyond Reasonable Doubt, and the debut show for Hob Locals, The Winning Post

    Anyways, enough of the plugging… speak soon


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